Green and Smart

Wireless Home Security Alarm

Wireless Home Security Alarm (FCT-31A) provide each individual home with DIY installation. It is easily installed. It uses GSM techonology to alert you if there is a intrusion at home. It also can be used like a desk phone. All sensors are wirelessly communicate with the main unit device.

The main unit have the GSM phone capability and can send SMS and make calling to your preset phone number in the event of intrusion into your house.

The sensor include smoke alarm, PIR, magnetic switches, and any other sensor that you wish to communicate with the main unit can be programmed if the MCU is the same and can communicate with the FCT-31A.

FCT-31A is ideal for individual home security alarm application. It doesn't require monthly monitoring cost. It uses the basic GSM SIM card to communicate with you in the event of alarm.


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